29 October 2014


Well i didnt have any interesting story, it just bcause i feel like wanna type something. hmm actually im kinda feel empty. yep i have my both super duper parents, my wonderful siblings and a fine job. they are all amazing to me especially my parents of course hihih. my siblings ? nahhh whatever happy things happen it always end up with arguments and i hate that the most but akim is cool i must say though i feel a bit kesian for him bcause he cant find any job and he didnt have any higher cerficate other than spm. i hope that somethings miracle happen to his life. please show him the way ya Allah. i actually feels like tak sabar nak tunggu kakak kawin. so that i can own the room by myself ! Eh lupa ada adik hahah. Oh ya one thing for sure now, i easily getting sleepy. asik rasa nak tidur je. lepas balik kerja mesti ngntok. nak kata banyak kerja idok le banyak. kerja as usual lah, bosan as f when i didnt have anything to do. tambah pulak kalau ada boss. takkan aku nak dok nganga je, matilah kena marah herghh. Ada sorang ni pulak macam annoying plus creepy pulakk heshh macam2 lah. About my emptyness tuuu there something inside me that i really feel like i want to do more or want something other than what i list. maybe own a car, more money andd get to shop everythings that i want. but then one thing i realize for sure is ni semua nafsu je. kau dapat la banyak mana duit atau apa2 keperluan yg kau nak sekalipun tapi kalau kau tak ingat tuhan tak jadi apa.  InsyaAllah ill overcome this so-called-problem and hoping that this emptyness gone soon. annyeong, latersss. nanight.

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