03 October 2015

Describe yourself

I'm lame. Don't even know how to wear makeup. I like to wear something simple but look nice. I choose flats than heels. I don't like wearing that kind of belit2 shawls. Choose to shut myself out from the world if i get into stress or something like that. Barely hangout, homie person. Hot tempered in short timing. Different personality. Like to jokes around with people whose close with me, known as pendiam to people who just got to know me. Can be really rude and mean, sometime. I like bracelets and rings, even I don't wear one or have it lol. Matured, I guess ? Well I heard that a lot from everyone. My close friend label me as someone fierce, I don't know. I find it funneyhh seriously. Music is my bestest friend, kpop is in the list too lol. Bad luck in girl-boy relationship, i mean love. I'm still finding someone who can actually touch my soul, everyone who came looks the same. How i wish i can deeply fall in love and never get bored. Crazy isn't ? I know, too cheesy. I love my family, so much. I choose them than everything. I don't mind giving my all time to my family, because every minute i spent with them is never a waste. Reading and writing is my hobby, couldn't go a  day without doing this two things. I like to express my feeling or everything through writing. I'm trying to be a better person everyday but failed, it will only last for a minute. Crybaby ? Yes. Eating is my all time favourite, tak kisah la snacks or anything, if its a food then I'll eat. Don't really care about my body shape but i think I'm getting fatter. Easily get bored, I don't even know why. I wish i could overcome my boredom level. It's hard for me to say 'no', I'm just okay with everything even if I don't like it. I'm not that one tough girl, just a normal girl with a normal feelings. I like to keep everything secret, only shares with someone who i really comfortable with. Always faking and forcing myself to jaga hati org but still end up hurting them. Don't fall for me if you don't want yourself to get hurt, I'm a heartbreaker and believe me when i said this. Easily fall for someone's smile. Suka cakap dengan diri sendiri, don't ask me why hahaha sejak azali lagi and I'm normal okay. Even though my style is a bit lame and casual, i have the desire to look pretty too. You know what i mean ? Like makeup, dress, skirts, trends shawl and stylish outfit but it was only just a dream hahah. I'm still stick with my baggy shirt and jeans. Lastly, sorry if my english is bad. Malays. And I don't know why I'm describing myself lol.

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