20 January 2016


Dear You,

Do you ever think how much i bear myself thinking that you are not around standing beside me ?

Do you ever think how much this tears has fall, missing every bit of you ?

Do you ever think how excited i am when I'm talking about you to my family ? They even can see the crystal in my eyes.

You are always someone that i look for whenever i need some comfort word and you weren't there for me. But i talk to myself that you're not here for the sake of our future. So I understand.

You came back and all i got from you is your negative word thinking that i have someone else, I don't love you anymore, I'm not missing you at all. 

It hurt me more when you said I don't deserve to live with you just because of my small mistake that you didn't even heard my explanation.

Yeah, you were right. I don't deserve you. But you are wrong for pointing I'm not strong enough to face this kind of relationships. It just that you are too weak to be in long distance from me.

And you don't trust me, all this while.

Remember one thing when you suddenly missing me, you let me go. I didn't. 

Bearing myself without you from now ahead. I'm okay. Just like you say i was. But I'm actually not.

Well i guess this is the end of our story. I thought it will be last as what we imagine, as what you promise me but Allah has better plan for you, for me.

May you find your true happiness and thank you for everything. I won't look back and please don't come back. Just don't.

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