07 March 2016

This Love

If I turn back time,
 Will the memories get erased too ?
I know I’m saying things that I can’t even do
I’m just saying this out of guilt,

For making things hard for you,

For making you live in tears

I guess love is like that

No matter what you say
It doesn’t feel like it’s filling up
Even if I think it’s just my greed

These feelings won’t go away easily

If I go back, will I be able to endure it ?

All those hard times ?
When I see you, who isn’t shaking

My lips tremble

You know, for me

I can’t live outside of you
For me, only times that are colored by you are passing by
I love you, I thank you for holding me so warmly all this time

I can live because of this love.

Ps : it's sad that I think my life would end up with you. How much struggle we had, we always get our way back to each other. I honestly still waiting for you, to fulfill your promise even we are already break apart until i get to know that I'm no longer stays in your heart. I feel betrayed. I never thought of someone else other than you. But you easily delete me from your life. I'm just your tempat persinggahan. It's time for me to REALLY wake up. You are no longer mine. Thanks for the 2 years of happiness and tears.

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