18 May 2016


I shouldn't said any greetings since I'm in the state of breaking down. Lots of bad thing firing me at the same time. There's no solution even if i try to find it like the whole time. 

When I actually thought that i have friends but they betrayed me, they left me, they talk bad behind my back, they glad that i break down, the cheers when my tears fall. 

When I actually thought that i have someone that love me to the fullest, that would give me the love that i thought was forever but he left me crumble down alone, he thought that i was happy without him, he thought that i would be better without him, my tears are fake for him.

When i actually thought that i manage to have the stable and good job but the environment sucks, bosses everywhere, everyone seem to be so selfish.

The struggle of being alone is real.


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