04 July 2016

Crossing Borders

Dear Blog, 

Earlier this year, I’m in the state of breaking down. I’m all alone. Someone I love left me, my friends is no longer call themselves as my friends. It saddened me when someone is not here to pat my back and say everything is going to be alright. My night is filled with tears and woke up to swollen eyes almost every day.

I thought I should move on, I try but the memories still hunt me down. Everywhere I go seem to be fill with all the memories I had with them. I don’t want to admit that I miss them. Just when I thought I have no one to help me get back up, there is still someone who care about me.

Someone that I should call true friend where they are on your side through your up and down. They got me out from this dark memories, they filled my day with laugh and such positive vibes. They changed me to be a better person, to appreciate what still left for me, to enjoy life to the fullest, to be with someone who never left your side and to be the brightest girl.

This friend of mine never failed to cheer on me, compliment me each time I did something good, correct me if I did something wrong and support to every decision I’ve made.

Allah has given me something that I thought I lost. I still have my family on my side and few best friend. I maybe don’t have like bunch of friend but still, I appreciate what I had now because they’re the true one. I choose to believe quality is better than quantity.

And so, I’ve changed. I’m no longer the girl who cried because of the ungrateful man who left me, no longer cling to the fake friend and no longer the pitiful girl that everyone thought. I’m the girl with the brightest smile and I believe that I’m beautiful to someone worth it.

Life journey is not going to be happy for all time because I know problem is everywhere but if I keep my heads up and stay positive, I’ll face my future smoothly. Thanks to you who left me, I’m finally free and get to learn something new. 



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